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Have you ever tried to write a book - but never got around to finishing it? For many of us, it’s not a lack of time or talent that’s holding us back. It’s things like procrastination, perfectionism, impostor syndrome, fear, lack of confidence or poor motivation.

The Author Mindset is a weekly newsletter all about those mental blocks that can hold us back from becoming a successful author - and how to overcome them. Drawing on research and concepts from psychology and therapy, it includes specific, practical tips to help you develop an author mindset - and build your writing career.  

I’m Jon Reed - an author and former publisher, with a background in psychology. I also run the website Publishing Talk, which offers advice to new and emerging authors. I have an MSc Health Psychology, and I’ve worked as a researcher in cognitive psychology - including on projects looking at the mental processes involved in writing. I’ve also worked as a content writer for an online therapy company - and I’m fascinated by how the way we think about ourselves and the world shapes our reality. 

Is writers’ block real? It’s up for debate. But the mental blocks that hold us back from finishing that manuscript and achieving our writing and publishing goals are certainly real. But you can overcome them. Subscribe now to find out how you can develop an author mindset - and I’ll drop into your inbox most Mondays.

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How to overcome mental blocks and become a successful writer


Jon Reed

I'm an author, content consultant and former publisher, and I run the website Publishing Talk. I also have a background in psychology and am interested in how authors can overcome mental writing blocks.